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Remote Support

Remote support is billed at the rate of $40 per ½ hour in 30 minute increments

We accept VISA or MasterCard. Billing does not start until you are connected to and speaking with a NetXperts2000 professional.

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Remote Support Access

Accessing this remote support feature assumes you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use and the related billing policy above.

  1. Launch our remote support website
  2. Enter your name – 1st name is fine
  3. Enter the support key. The tech will give you the support key. Enter a dash (–) between each set of 3 digits.
  4. Click on "Start Support Session"
  5. Click on download software (if you are using Firefox, remember the download location to run it)
  6. Click on Run
  7. Click on Run
  8. Click on Yes
  9. The technician will accept the connection request and being working on your problem

Remote Support Client Information Security

Our client is an active desktop application that does not modify your system and cannot function without your express participation. You must request a connection from your computer.

When initiating a connection you are requesting a specific hard coded NetXperts2000 address to connect to your computer.

These features make our client not only simple to use, but most importantly inherently very secure.