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Montreal Computer Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Computer Problems

  1. Can you repair my network?
    We are experience in maintaining and repairing many kinds of networks. We can install a new wired or wireless system. We will do everything from the installation of cabling to the configuration of the wireless transmission stations. We use leading edge technologies for these installations.
  2. How do I know if I have a virus?
    There are a number of indications that your computer may have a virus or a spyware infestation. You may be getting error messages that you never saw before for you may find that devices that once worked do not any more. Your computer may process things more slowly. You may find that when you connect to the internet, some functions that you had before do not work now.
  3. What do I do if my hard drive fails?
    If your hard drive fails, hopefully you have made regular backups. If you have, we can create a new hard drive using the backed up data. If you have not, we can often recover the data using a number of different methods. We can assist you in setting up backup hardware and software.
  4. Can you rescue my data if my computer won’t work?
    Data can usually be rescued even if your computer will not start. Of course, the 1st line of defense should be to do regular back-ups. If the operating system is corrupted and cannot be repaired or there is a bad sector, then often the hard drive can be connected to a secondary computer and then the data can be saved. In the worst case, the hard drive can be recovered by a firm specializing in this kind of support. The drawback to this route is that it can be very expensive.
  5. Can you help me get rid of spyware?
    We employ a number of solutions to remove spyware. In most cases we can clean up a computer infected with spyware. Again, it is wise to have important data backed up in order to minimize the possible loss of your work.
  6. Can you repair my old computer?
    We fix most kinds of computers. If your computer is very old, we will assist you in deciding if it is worth repairing old equipment or if we should just recover the data and re-install it in a new machine.
  7. How long does it take before you can fix my computer?
    We usually can set an appointment for 24 to 48 hours after the service call is received.
  8. Do you repair Monitors, printers and other computer peripherals?
    We can trouble shoot basic issues on most computer devices. We do not repair internal parts on monitors or printers, but we will refer you to reliable repair places if it is economically feasible for you to repair the device rather than replace it.

Computer Services

  1. Why is it too expensive to repair my laptop?
    When the warranty on a laptop has expired the repairs are often more expensive than for a desktop computer. The reason for this is due to the compact design of the laptop many components that are separate devices on a desktop computer are integrated into the motherboard (main circuit board) on a laptop computer. On a desktop computer many parts are interchangeable among various desktops. For example; a single power supply will fit many desktop computers. The laptop power supply is integrated in the circuit board and specific to the manufacturer and model. Any USB or PS2 keyboard will attach to a desktop computer. Laptop keyboards and displays are specific to the laptop model. While NetXperts2000 will always try to find the least expensive way to repair your laptop computer (and we do have a few tricks up our sleeve), sometimes the repairs will cost more than the price a a nearly new refurbished computer.
  2. Can you install a network?
    Companies (or home users) that need to share documents or internet access among many users should consider networking. This allows everyone to be more productive. We can network 2 computers to as many as required. We can network any combination of Windows 98 to Windows XP. You can network computer in a single location or in multiple locations.
  3. What kind of computers do you repair?
    NetXperts2000 repairs and maintains most brands of computers. We have clients who use off brand computers as well as brand names including Dell, Compaq or IBM. We work on laptop as well as desktop computers.
  4. Can you build a computer system for me?
    We offer 2 hardware services. We have a great line of refurbished “grade A” laptop computers or we can build a new desktop computer to your specifications. There is no need to accept the “flavour of the day or suppliers end of run parts” in your new desktop computer. You never know what parts will be installed. NetXperts2000 will build a computer using only top quality parts or any brand of part you prefer. The laptops are clean, completely set up and guaranteed.
  5. Are there other differences between your computer systems and other brands?
    Our computers are truly plug and play. When we prepare a computer for delivery to a client, it is set up to be used immediately out of the box. We install all the service patches, register your software, install utilities that you will need, and install antivirus and anti-spyware software. When you plug in the computer you are ready to work right away. We “burn in” the machine, so we know it is working correctly before you get it.
  6. Do you sell computers?
    We sell refurbished laptop computers and refurbished LCD displays. Our equipment is 1 – 2 years old and looks like new. All computers are business quality and have been rebuilt and tested completely. The computers have current operating systems, all Microsoft patches, an anti-virus, an anti-spyware and various necessary utilities.
  7. Do you offer service contracts?
    We offer service contracts on groups of computers. We can visit your office at your convenience to evaluate your setup and to give you suggestions that you can consider. Our contract prices are very competitive and we will keep your network at optimum performance.
  8. What sort of training do you provide?
    We can provide training sessions for individuals or groups. The sessions are tailored to the skill level of the users. We can set up training sessions for general computer use, the operating system such as Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP or productivity packages such as Microsoft Office. We have computer safety seminars available cover such topics as “How to keep your Network Secure” and “Safe Computing Practices”.
  9. Do you offer data backups?
    We can install back-up software and set up an automated back-up procedure. We can provide monitoring services for your back-ups
  10. Can you repair my computer at my place of business?
    You do not have to bring to computer to us. For the majority of our service calls we come to you. We ensure that we provide great service by using only experience, qualified, customer oriented technicians. We follow up each service call with a phone call to ensure you are completely satisfied.
  11. Why should I have my computer repaired by you?
    All NetXperts2000 associates are certified and trained in many computer technologies including Microsoft, Cisco and Novell. We are experienced with computer hardware ranging from 486 style machines to P4 computers. We can repair your Windows 98 as well as your Windows XP and Vista machine. Our response time is quick and we guarantee our work.
  12. What sort of guarantee do you offer?
    We offer a 6 month to 1 year guarantee on all laptops and displays that we sell. We guarantee that you will have no problems with all the hardware, except for the battery. The batteries in all laptops we sell are not guaranteed but are in good condition and do hold a charge.
  13. Does NetXperts2000 charge for travel?
    Generally we charge ¼ hour for travel on calls that fall within a 20 kilometer distance from the West Island of Montreal. We will advise you in advance if there are additional travel charges.
  14. What happens if I need service on the weekends or at night?
    We will service your computer at any time. Our prices are the same for any emergency call. We reserve the right to decide whether a call must be taken immediately, or if it can wait for normal business Monday to Friday hours.
  15. Do I get the same NetXperts2000 technician on each call?
    We make every effort to assign the same technician to your account. If you want a different technician for any reason, please let us know.

About NetXperts2000

  1. What qualifies you to repair computers?
    NetXperts2000 associates are certified and trained in many computer technologies including Microsoft, Cisco and Novell. We are experienced with computer hardware ranging from 486 style machines to P4 and newer computers. We can repair your Windows 98 as well as your Windows XP or Vista machine. Our response time is quick and we guarantee our work.
  2. What kind of clients do you have?
    NetXperts2000 has business and home clients. Our home clients may have a single computer or the may have a wired or wireless network connecting multiple computers. We concentrate on the mid-sized business market. The majority of our business clients have one to 25 workstations, but our associates are experienced in working on larger networks as well. Our business clients use domain based and peer to peer based networks.
  3. Are your prices competitive?
    As NetXperts2000 works mostly on your site, whether that be a home or office, you see exactly what our technician is doing and how much time we are spending on your computer. In some cases we will pick up your computer and work on it in our office. In that case we will either charge a flat rate or discuss the possible charges with you before we start the work. We do not charge current clients for short phone support calls for 5 minutes or less. To assist you in planning budgets we have monthly maintenance plans and can offer you blocks of hours at discounted rates.
  4. How can I pay for the services?
    Cash, of course is always welcomed. We accept cheques, Visa and Mastercard as well. Once we check references, we are can bill companies for services completed. Our terms are net 14 days. On larger projects we will request a deposit on signing the contract, an additional amount on completion with the remainder due net 14 days.
  5. What areas of Montreal do you service?
    We will service computers anywhere in the Montreal area including the Island of Montreal, the South Shore and Laval. There may be travel time charges for some service calls. Ask us for the details.