Restore Disks

You just got your new computer. It is unpacked from the box, you started it up and entered all the preliminary data.  You have reinstalled your software and replaced all your data. And finally you have done a backup of your data on your new Windows 10 computer. It is time to clean up the mess of documents, software and packaging. When you start to file the software you see there are no disks for Windows 10. You got disks for your Windows 7 computer so you must have misplaced the Windows 10 disks. Sadly, you didn’t.  With Windows 10 you are expected to make your own disks and backup utilities. Continue reading

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Don’t take that call.

Let’s imagine.

Scenario 1 – You get a phone call. You see the caller ID and it isn’t a phone number you recognize. None the less you pick up the call.

You: Hello.

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Montreal Computer Repair Expert Offers Tips for Safe Passwords

Most of us remember the classic movie Spaceballs starring Mel Brooks, John Candy and Rick Moranis. In the scene where King Roland is being forced to divulge the password to open the dome, he slowly repeats the password to Dark Helmet & to the Colonel, “1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.” After he learns the password, Dark Helmet declares, “That is the stupidest combination I have ever heard in my life. That’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage.” Continue reading

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Battery, Battery, Battery

Montreal computer repairYou have this terrific laptop but the battery doesn’t seem to last to the end of the job you want to finish. There are electrical outlets everywhere except when you really need one or your power cord doesn’t reach the closest outlet in the coffee shop, airport lounge or train. Maybe you only have one charger and you have left it at the office.  Continue reading

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If Windows XP Isn’t Broke, Why Replace It?!

That of course is the $10,000 question. The big date, the line drawn in the sand….April 8, 2014, the date Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. As far as you are concerned, Windows XP works, it has a small footprint, all of your software works with it, it doesn’t crash and most of all, you are used to it. You may not have heard very good stories about Windows 8 and if you move to Windows 7, you will probably want to start with a clean drive. That will be a real pain to reinstall all the software and configuration you have painstakingly set up just the way you like it. Continue reading

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How to Prevent Computer Viruses

Nothing can guarantee the security of your computer, but there’s a lot you can do to help lower the chances that you’ll get a virus. It’s crucial that from the moment you turn your computer on; you have antivirus software installed such as Microsoft Security Essentials. You can continue to improve your computer’s security and decrease the possibility of infection by using a firewall, and following a few best practices. Continue reading

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MAC ATTACK – 600,000 Hit by Trojan Virus

Apple has long enjoyed the reputation of making a computing  platform that provides security protection that is superior to its peers—in a word, Microsoft. The emergence of a group of malicious software (malware) programs in recent months—collectively known as Flashback or Flashfake—that specifically target Macs and their OS X operating system now has Apple in  the unfamiliar position of being on the defensive. Continue reading

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5 Important Tasks On Your Computer Maintenance Checklist

Optimize your Computer by performing 6 important PC maintenance tasks. A computer becomes slow over time with regular everyday use. There are many tasks related to computer maintenance that optimize your PC. For the sake of simplicity you can narrow it down to 5 important tasks that should be on your PC maintenance checklist. By following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain your computer, help increase your PC speed, and help keep it running smoothly.

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Backups, backups, backups

How much of your work can you afford to lose? Can you redo a month worth of work, a week worth or a day worth. How much of an impact would it have on your business if you had to have to spend hours or days or weeks reconstructing your work. Fortunately, as a business owner you don’t need to worry about this. Computer backup technology has got to the point where is can be painless and relatively inexpensive to have a comprehensive disaster plan. The key to the plan is to make an effective plan and then to follow it. Continue reading

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